My husband and I grew up in MN and raised our 2 kids there. My son went  in the Navy and then got married. My daughter graduated from Annandale  High. We decided to move down here and get away from MN cold winters. We  love it here in AR. We have 5 grand-kids, 4 boys and 1 girl and a new Granddaughter in law. We got our first Aussie after moving here. It wasn't long  before we got our 2nd. In 2005 we decided to raise some kind of dog with  the help of my daughters family. It was unanimous, Aussies were everyone's first choice.We have had them for pets for many  years and have always enjoyed them. They are very smart, loyal dogs.  My daughters family lives right next to us so they help with the dogs.  My grandsons are wonderful with them. We live on a 22 acre farm so the  dogs have lots of room to run and when we have puppies they get pretty  spoiled because we all love them so much. We have a vary hard time  parting with them.