We are updating site often, so please be sure to check back regularly!!

We are updating site often, so please be sure to check back regularly!!

We are updating site often, so please be sure to check back regularly!!We are updating site often, so please be sure to check back regularly!!We are updating site often, so please be sure to check back regularly!!

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Welcome To Smith Mountain Aussies & German Shepherds

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Australian Shepherds Make great pets or working dogs they are happy if they are working livestock all day or just hanging around with you and the kids.

We offer great quality Miniature and Standard size Australian Shepherd Puppies, and sometimes we do have adult Australian Shepherds for sale as well.  We update are site often with pictures of the  puppies we have fore sale, as well as posting updates for are happy new owners, with their new puppies.  So Please be sure to sign our guestbook and come back often.


From Happy New Aussie Owners

"Bill & Shelly, you two are wonderful, kind, and compassionate people! I love having you for friends! Enjoy your puppies! I know you are sad to see them go, but happy for the new families who will enjoy them, too! "
"We recently got our new puppy just a couple of weeks ago but it seems like we have had her for years! We are obsessed with her my kids love her and she has the best personality we tell every one we know about your puppies and how loving and helpful you were with us after penny died. We have never had an Australian shepherd before but as soon as we met our puppy we fell in love with her and the breed."
Frost Family

 I bought my female black tri colored Aussie, Bree out of a litter of the McVay's when she was 3 months old. She's 6 1/2 months old now. She bonded completely to me very quickly. Now she follows me EVERYWHERE. I have taught her several tricks both verbally and by hand signals. She is extremely smart. She had a very calm and sweet disposition from the day I picked her up.She loves to swim. She rarely needs a shower, If so I just rinse her with water. Dirt doesn't seem to stick on her, she always looks clean and doesn't seem to shed. Her hair is really soft. I live in Arkansas and so by chance was driving through the McVay's area, (in the sticks) and called to ask if I could stop by and show her off as when I bought her they asked me to text some pictures if I could from time to time, I figured the real thing would be better. I viewed their kennel where they kept their Aussies and also they have a huge field for them to run in. It was a very well kept place and the McVay's are just good people, who love their dogs. They had quite an impressive mix of colors and very beautiful dogs. Now that Bree has bonded to me I take her out around people and dogs to socalize her. Very loving do."
David Tweeddle

"We got the black tricolored nicknamed Ringo from Kyle's litter. We are calling him Ryder. Even though we have had him for only a few days he has been super friendly and very playful towards anyone he meets." 
Kyle Kendall and Caitlyn

"We love Mollie. She is so good with our girls. She sleeps with my 2 year old every night. Thank you for a wonderful puppy."

"We absolutely love our beautiful puppy that we got from you!! She is adjusting already and we were impressed by her temperament and good habits. Thank you so much for everything!!!"
Michela and Hank

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